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In 2016, I received a Topaz bracelet from my best friend as departure gift, for I was moving to Sweden. I still remember the day when I got the gemstone, awed by the sparks of energy I felt in my hand. As a sensitive person, I used to get irritated often. Now, don't picture as an old, grumpy lady. But wearing this Topaz jewelry has helped me calming my anger. And it transformed me to be a better communicator with my friends and family. I was hooked, and, fell in love with the magic energy of gemstone.


Pink Tourmaline Crown ring idea StarryStone


We want you to be strikingly beautiful inside and outside, because contemporary jewelry is more than just a gorgeous accessory, it should bring benefits for you too.

18K Gold Promise ring StarryStone


With our rare, energizing, healing, gemstones, they can transform you to a smarter, happier woman with confidence.

Citrine Earrings November birthstone Starrystone


We know how expensive and overpriced gemstones can get. that's why we only price reasonably, for everyone with or without budget to feel the sparks of magic from the destined birthstone.

Blue Topaz Aqua Necklace December birthstone StarryStone


we only select and sell natural birthstone from around the world. Gurantee.